I usually drink bottled water, and my daughter drinks a lot of soda in plastic bottles. As a result, every week it seems like we are stuffing our recycling bin full to the brim. Every now and again, I stash away a plastic bottle in my craft room, planning to use it for a cool project, like this one to build a fairy castle, or this one to construct self-watering seed starter pots.

I often don’t get around to these projects though because they are pretty demanding on my time, and they involve a lot of effort. So I was wondering whether there are any smaller projects I could do, maybe some with practical results. My search yielded this fantastic result:

This is a video which teaches you 10 plastic bottle hacks which are genuinely useful! These projects are all pretty fast and easy, and they are quite clever too. I love the one where you make some specific cuts into a plastic bottle, bend over one of the pieces of plastic, and end up with an impromptu drinking “mug” complete with a handle! The one for creating a container you can open and close with a zipper is genius as well. What a cute idea—you can see what’s inside, and the zipper adds a splash of color.

So I am stoked to finally have a few ideas for what to do with those plastic bottles I have been squirreling away. I hope that you end up using a few of these ideas to upcycle some of the plastic bottles in your home too!

Source: http://www.diyncrafts.com/