Have you ever had that crafting itch, but really didn’t want to run to the store for supplies or get into anything super complicated or technical? If so, you’ll love the projects we have for you below because you can do them with just a hammer and nails. All you’ll need in addition to those two are a few basic things you’ll find around your home such as string or yarn, tin cans, a strong cardboard tube, old picture frames, and scraps of wood.

1. String and Word Art

If you’re not familiar with string art, it’s something very easy to learn, especially for kids. To get started, first decide what artwork you’d like to create. It could be as simple as a heart shape or a name, or it can be more complicated and you can use a pattern printed off the internet. Next, you’ll need a base that you can nail into. This could be an old cutting board or piece of wood.

To create your project, all you have to do is use your nails, which can be any size, and hammer them into the wood to create your pattern in whatever way you’d like. You can use as many or as few nails as you’d like as well as whatever types and colors of string you’d like to use such as crochet thread, twine, or yarn. Next, simply weave your string between the nails back and forth to create your artwork design. As you connect the string from nail to nail, you’ll start to see your art take form.

2. Tin Can Candle Holders

Creating tin can candle holders using a hammer, a nail, and a recycled can is a simple DIY project. After you collect some aluminum cans, remove the labels and wash them out. Using a marker, draw whatever pattern you’d like onto the can. Next, fill your can with water and freeze it. The ice will keep the can from collapsing as you punch the holes into your marked design with a nail. Once you’re done, you can add a wax or battery operated candle for a beautifully lit look that will shine through the nail holes.

3. Aluminum Signs

By using soda cans, a piece of wood, a hammer, and nails, you can make some interesting and creative signs. To start, carefully cut the top and bottom off of your soda can. Next, cut down the center of the can and unfold it with brand side facing down and make it as flat as you can using your hammer. Attach it to your wood base, plain side up, using one nail in each corner, one nail in the center top, and one in the center bottom.

Once it’s attached to the base, use a marker to draw out your word, name, or design. Next, use your hammer and nail as a punch along the design lines. Add the pop can tabs to the top to use as wall hangers and to showcase just what materials you used to create your artwork from.

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