This easy DIY Milk and Honey soap can be made in just 10 minutes, and it boasts lots of great skin benefits from the goat’s milk and honey! A wonderful quick and easy homemade gift idea!

Milk and honey soap has always been one of my favorites. It smells divine, and there are loads of skin benefits from the honey – it’s moisturizing, clarifying, soothing, and also naturally antibacterial. Because of these properties, honey is fantastic for the treatment of acne and aging and for general complexion brightening. C’mon now, we all could use a little bit of anti-aging and complexion brightening, right?

I love these soaps for their sweet delicate aroma and for the great skin benefits, but what I love even more is the fact that I can whip up an entire batch of these beauties in under 10 minutes! They’ll take a little longer to firm up, but the actual “work” part is done in less than 10 minutes.


  • Goat’s Milk Soap Base
  • Silicone Honeycomb Mold
  • Organic Raw Honey
  • 4-Cup Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup (or similar)
  • Yellow & Red Soap Colorant (optional)

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