I wouldn’t call myself hoarder but there are definitely things in my house that I am not getting rid of anytime soon. Most of these are family heirlooms or items that I have had for so long that I just cannot imagine my life without them…no matter how dingy and old they get. So, I was recently doing some redecorating and came across a few old things that I haven’t used in years. I contemplated throwing them out or having a yard sale but I just couldn’t part with them. I began looking at possible ways to restore these old items and make them look new again, and I found ways to restore 25 different things in your home!

I love a good restoration project and these are among the best out there. From restoring those antique mirrors and making them shine like new to removing cloudiness from your old glasses, there is a way to make just about anything in your home look brand new again. I got really excited about this one because now instead of worrying over whether I should just get rid of something, I can just try to restore it instead. These ideas are great if you’re planning a yard sale as well. If you have older items that you want to bring more money, just spend a bit of time restoring them before you sell. That reminds me, there are ways to restore things outside your home, as well. Just take a look at this great way to restore your patchy lawn to a beautiful new state.

Whether you want to sell your items and just want them in the best shape possible or you really want to keep them and maybe begin using them again, you’re sure to find a great way to bring back the beauty in everything from wooden or leather furniture to handbags, boots and even baby clothes. Oh, and if you’re planning to repurpose your baby clothes after those stains are removed, be sure to check out these 20 adorable baby clothes upcycling projects.

If you’re ready, we’ll take a look at some amazing ways to restore your old things and give them new life. I’m sure you’re going to find all of these projects helpful and I hope you will share your favorite restoration hack as well.


Easy DIY Mirror Restore

I love my old mirrors but let’s face it, they get so dingy after a few years that you sometimes just want to toss them out and buy new ones. If you have really old or antique mirrors, this simply is not an option. Instead of tossing that old mirror, you can restore it quickly and easily and give it back that like new look. You just mix up a vinegar solution to clean the cloud from your mirror and then tackle any wood or paint fixes that the frame may need.

2. Baby Clothes Stain Remover

I’ll admit that there are some baby clothes from my kids that I just could never throw out. I want them to be able to use them for their own little ones in the future. If you’ve got some old baby clothes that are stained or yellowed, there is a quick fix for that and it leaves that clothing looking good as new. OxiClean works like a charm to remove those yellow stains and make that clothing wearable once again.

3. Baking Sheet Restore

Those old baking dishes do tend to turn black and rusty looking over time. Instead of buying new, you can simply remove the color from those silver trays and leave them looking – and baking – like new again. This little trick works with cookie sheets, pizza pans and cake pans. A mixture of baking soda and peroxide will scrub that greasy, dingy mess right off and leave those pans shining like new.

4. Leather Boot Restoration

Leather boots are not cheap, so when they get dingy or otherwise marred, replacing them is not always an option. Instead of tossing those boots and shopping for new ones, you can easily restore your leather boots to their original shape by cleaning them with petroleum jelly. That’s right, that Vaseline in your bathroom cupboard will perfectly shine that leather and make it look brand new again.

5. Easy Brass Hardware Restore

Old brass hardware is beautiful but unfortunately old sometimes also means dingy. If you have some old hardware hinges or door handles, you don’t have to replace them just because they have lost their gleam. Instead, try cleaning them by placing them in a slow cooker and adding dish soap. This works wonderfully to remove paint; just in case someone has tried to paint over them to make them look new.

6. Carpet Stain Remover And Refresher

Turn your old carpets new again with a simple mixture of vinegar and water. Not only does the vinegar mixture remove stains from food, pets and other dirt, it helps to bring the carpet back up so that it’s not worn down as badly, which can make it look like it needs to be replaced. This little trick has saved my carpet on more than on occasion and can save yours, as well.

7. Rusty Cast Iron Skillet Restoration

I love cooking in cast iron skillets and no matter how careful I am about cleaning and drying them, sometimes they get a bit rusty. You don’t want to cook in a rusty pan, right? And throwing those skillets out is out of the question because they can be very expensive to replace. The next time your cast iron skillet gets rusty, try this trick of scrubbing the rust away with steel wool and then re-seasoning it with vegetable oil. FYI, I season my skillets with lard like my granny did in the day, but it’s your choice.

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