Halloween is really the beginning of the festive fall and winter season I think, even before Thanksgiving. True, we all know Halloween is for kids, but come on—what’s not to love, especially if you’re a crafter?

There are SO many spectacular DIY projects for Halloween, like these 35 last-minute Halloween costumes, and these 25 gruesome DIY haunted house props.

Now I want to share 5 fast and easy projects which you can do in a matter of minutes to add some more Halloween spookiness to your abode!


Decorative paper
Paper hat
Hot glue and glue gun
Plastic or glass bowl
Flower pot
Water collection tray
Toilet paper tube
LED tea light
Exacto knife
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Pre-made wreath


Witch Candy Container

1. Get a paper hat (or fold a piece of paper into a cone shape), and hot glue it to a second piece of decorative paper such as construction paper.

2. Cut around the cone and continue to affix the paper so that it covers it entirely.

3. Setting the paper-covered cone aside, get an empty flower pot and set it upside-down. Tie some ribbons around it near the top.

4. Get a glass or plastic bowl and put hot glue on the bottom of it so that you can attach it to the flower pot. The pot is the witch’s “body,” while the bowl is the witch’s “head.”

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