Cake decorating is one of my passions but I fully understand that not everyone derives joy from baking and creating lovely cakes. If I were to be perfectly honest, I don’t always bake my own cakes. Sometimes, I’ll use a cake that I find at my local supermarket. Why? Because all that time in the kitchen takes away from other things and often I’m in a rush and just really need to grab something quick. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to look beautiful. And, this is why I’m sharing with you these 15 wonderful ways to turn an ordinary grocery store cake into a work of art. I want you to experience the joy of making beautiful cakes – without all the effort.

You can take a plain white cake and make a spectacular wedding cake or turn it into an amazing birthday cake that goes right along with your chosen birthday party theme. Depending on the price of your cake, you’ll spend very little making these little masterpieces, which is a steal compared to around $50 or more for a custom cake from a bakery. Whether you need a cake for a child’s birthday or you’re planning a simple wedding and want to do your own cake, you’re going to find some amazing ideas in here. Plus, if you are planning a wedding, be sure to check out these 35 breathtaking DIY rustic wedding decorations.

I really do love cake and I love that you can take a seemingly ordinary cake and turn it into something spectacular. From character themed cakes to the perfect summer cake complete with fresh fruit, I’m sure you are going to love these cake ideas as much as I do. All of them are super easy to create and you don’t have to be anywhere near a professional cake decorator to make them. You can be someone who has literally never decorated a cake or cupcake in your life and still pull these off! And, you can also create this amazing Easter Bunny cake if you feel like improving on your cake decorating skills.

You really don’t have to spend a fortune at the bakery to get a cake that looks like it was professionally decorated. These grocery store cake hacks are perfect for anyone who wants to save a bit of time and money and get a cake that is sure to impress everyone at your next event.

1. Store Bought Cake With Added Fruit

Something as simple as adding fresh fruit can instantly dress up that plain store bought cake and make it spectacular. You don’t even need that much fruit or that much time for this one. Just choose your fruit – strawberries, bananas, kiwi, etc. – and then layer it in whatever design you want. This is an excellent idea for summer parties and barbecues or you could use flowers as well to give that grocery store cake a makeover.

2. Yummy Gummy Cake

If you’re planning a child’s birthday party and you need a decorated cake in a snap, just add gummy bears! Kids adore gummy bears and they’re the perfect decoration for cakes because they’re edible. Just layer them in whatever design you prefer and you have a fun and colorful cake. This can be done with any grocery store cake, even one that has decorations – you can just cover those over with gummy bears!

3. Grocery Store Cake Turned Carnival Extravaganza

I love this carnival cake that you can easily make from a plain grocery store cake. You’ll need alphabet letters, pipe cleaners, pom poms, skewers and a few other supplies to create the banner and then you just fill in other areas with brightly colored M&Ms, gumballs or whatever you want for decorations. Circus peanuts are perfect for this, as well. If you’re planning a carnival party, this is the cake for you.

4. Store Bought Cake With Ganache

I love ganache! It’s so beautiful when it’s done and you can do so much with it, including covering a grocery store cake with it to make it spectacular. If you’ve never worked with ganache, you’re in for a nice surprise. It’s easy to make and even easier to decorate with and you can add so many wonderful elements to the top of your cake when you cover the sides in ganache. Top it off with fruit, whipped cream, or any number of other decorative items.

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