Why not add creative flair and a personal touch to your tree this year? Make some memories with these beautiful DIY Tree Ornaments that you can whip up in a flash.

The Germans have been dragging snow-logged trees into their houses and adorning them with festive fruit since the 14th Century. But it wasn’t until Queen Victoria and her German-born husband Prince Albert decided to adorn their trees with lovingly baked edibles, that hand-made ornaments, sparkling candles and tree trimmings really became a thing.

Now, tinsel, baubles and a precariously-balanced angel are as much a part of Christmas as presents, carols and eating too much for lunch.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on plastic decorations for a beautiful tree. This year, why not try subsiding your store bought decorations with a few lovingly handmade ornaments? It’s not only a wonderful way to give your Christmas that personal touch, it’s a great excuse to get the family together, and you’ll be helping to ease the load on landfill too.

Here are our top picks of beautiful DIY decorations you can make yourself!

1.  Photo Decorations

What better way to freeze happy moments in time than to put them on display! We love this idea of putting them on show for everyone to enjoy, rather than pack away in boxes.

2. Give them a polish

Clear Baubles lend themselves to so many crafty applications – one idea is to use up all that old nail polish. Gently pour nail polish into the clear bauble -up to three colours works best – and spend a happy hour swirling. You can buy clear baubles from most craft stores.

3. Create a snowflake

Get your hands on some wooden pegs, and use a pair of pliers to remove all the metal. After you’ve glued them together in a snow flake shape, attach a small hook with more glue and leave to dry.  Finish off with a blast of spray-paint and glitter.

4. Make it industrial

Stop off at the Hardware store for all the materials you’ll need for these industrial Christmas trees.

5. Bottle bottom decorations

It won’t take long to get a collection of plastic bottles to make these beautiful decorations. Simply cut off the bottom and decorate with oil-based pens, glue and glitter.

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