Do you love a good sweet bread? What’s your favorite – banana nut, cinnamon, lemon? If you love sweet bread, I’ve got a great list of recipes for you. I have found 25 of the most amazing sweet bread recipes that you are definitely going to want to make this holiday season. Whether you need something to add to your dessert table, have family coming in and what a great sweet bread for breakfast or you want something delicious to add to a Christmas gift basket, these sweet bread recipes are beyond perfect.

I make an amazing banana nut bread for the holidays but this year, I wanted to expand on that. I love these recipes because they are all so different. There’s a wonderful apple streusel bread, an amazing coconut bread with lime glaze and even a cranberry orange bread that is really perfect for Christmas. These make wonderful gifts, too. Just add them to your gift baskets or wrap them up all by themselves. Anyone on your gift list will adore a delicious loaf of homemade sweet bread this Christmas. And if you really want to go all out with homemade gifts, be sure to take a look at these 100 homemade Christmas gifts that people will actually want to receive.

I do love giving homemade goodies for the holidays. I also love putting homemade goodies on my table and these sweet bread recipes are all so amazing. They’re really easy to make and many of them can be made with ingredients that you already have on hand. And, there are specialty breads in the list like Elvis’ banana bread and an amazing frosted eggnog bread. If sweet breads are your weakness – like they are mine – then you are absolutely going to want to take a look at these recipes. And, be sure to also check out 12 savvy Christmas organization tips that will help you to get through the holidays stress-free.

1. Apple Cinnamon Bread

This apple cinnamon bread has streusel swirled in it and it is amazing. This is a wonderful holiday bread and makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. It is really easy to make and you get two full sized loaves from the recipe. Or, you could split it up into four mini loaves and have yummy apple bread for everyone.

2. Avocado Chocolate Bread

This luscious chocolate and avocado bread is dairy and gluten free. It’s a rich and really moist sweet bread that is perfect for gift giving or for placing on your dessert table. It is topped with mini chocolate chips and has coconut oil and coconut cream which help with the flavor and the texture. There are so many amazing coconut oil recipes for health, beauty and food!

3. Homemade Chocolate Cinnamon Bread

This delicious chocolate cinnamon bread only takes about 15 minutes to get ready for the oven and another hour to bake. It has a wonderful pound cake texture and is perfect for the holidays with its combination of cinnamon and chocolate. The recipe makes two nine inch loaves or you can split it up into a few mini loaves for baskets.

4. Chocolate Covered Cherry Bread

If you love cordial cherries then you are really going to love this chocolate covered cherry bread. This is literally chocolate bread that is topped with a cherry glaze and it is perfect for the holidays. It also has cherry morsels to give it even more of a cordial cherry taste. This one really is perfect for Christmas and is so easy to make.

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