The Big Design Market is around the corner, ready to bring you the best boutique and ethical fashion, homewares and decor.

The Big Design Market is the perfect opportunity to put your money towards something special. Not only does it offer shoppers the chance to get some unique goodies, but it provides a platform for independent, local and ethical designers in the Aussie market.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about the impact of your gift-giving and opportunities to avoid the excess waste created by fast fashion and mass-market production.

To help with your shopping list, we’ve rounded up a collection of unique and stylish homewares you can grab at The Big Design Market in Melbourne and Sydney. If you’re not in those cities, most of these great designers have their own sites or other stockists for you to peruse.

Loom Towels –  Sydney & Melbourne

Loom Towels are made in southern Turkey on traditional shuttle looms, some of which are 100 years old. For this reason, every loom towel collection is limited in number and, therefore, extra special. They are made from organic Turkish cotton or linen, certified by the the Global Organic Textile Standard, and coloured with organic, chemical-free dyes.

Trade The Mark – Sydney

Trade The Mark offers ceramics, textiles and accessories designed by Sydney-based artist Christina McLean. Her brightly coloured pots and hand-painted linen textiles make great statement pieces for your home.

Sands Made – Melbourne

Each Sands Made product is handmade using the highest quality materials, with the lowest environmental impact. The team only uses recycled timber or materials certified by sustainable forestry and environmental protection organisations. They also avoid toxic glues, plastic and harmful wood treatments. Check out their great range of wooden kitchen utensils and chopping boards.


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