It isn’t easy packing for vacation. Usually if I am traveling for a week or less, I pack really light; I just bring a couple of garments and wear them through the whole trip. It’s not the greatest, solution, but it works.

But what about packing for longer trips? I have found a few great ideas for packing like a pro, including some amazingly specific suggestions like this one for dealing with travel toothpaste tubes. But none of the advice I had found so far helped me figure out how to pack for vacations lasting more than a week.

I found out about an airline recently where you can take a round trip across the country for under $100. This is amazing, and it made me super excited to visit my family and friends. But the way the airline keeps costs down is by restricting luggage to a single item of luggage per passenger—one small bag.

I didn’t think I could do it. I mean, I don’t want to visit family and friends for just a couple days; if I am crossing the country, I want to spend a week or more.

How many suitcases and bags do you think it takes to pack all that stuff you see at the start of the video? All of it, including all the clothing on the hangers, goes right into one little suitcase. You get to watch the entire packing process from start to finish, and she provides you with amazing tips along the way.

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