Hygge is the newest craze sweeping through interior design. It’s a Danish concept that incorporates elements of coziness and comfort throughout the home. From simple candles to warm colors and texturizing, here are a few ways you can implement Hygge into your home this winter and in the months beyond.

Defining Hygge

Hygge is a little tricky to define because it’s considered a way of life as well as a design style. In its basic sense, Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) contains elements of coziness, sustainability, and comfort. It’s all about slowing things down, living in the present, and enjoying the simple things in life. When it comes to interior design, Hygge can really add a sense of warmth and simplicity to your home.

Hygge at Home

Implementing Hygge in a home depends largely on personal taste. What brings you Hygge might not work for another person. With that in mind, it’s important to discover what brings you comfort and peace of mind and try to incorporate that into your designs. Fortunately, Hygge is flexible enough that you should be able to find your perfect comfort zone with little trouble.


One of the easiest ways to implement Hygge concepts in your home is through candles. The soft glow of candles cannot be matched by artificial light. Incorporating more candles in your home adds a comforting source of light, but try to only use unscented lights for the best Hygge experience. That said, you can use scented candles just as long as it doesn’t become too distracting.


Another important but often overlooked part of Hygge is texture. To get the best Hygge experience, incorporate a variety of texturized yet comfortable blankets, pillows, rugs, and furniture. The key to texture is finding pieces that are soft, such as knitted or fleece items, and avoid materials that are too hard and uncomfortable. You should also consider finding the right color schemes that make you feel the most at ease.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Feet in warm socks warming up by a fire.

When the weather turns cold, there are few things more comforting than a cozy fire. Instead of getting a gas or electric fireplace, consider adding a traditional wood burner to your home. You can also go with a traditional fireplace, but a good and efficient wood burner will do the trick just fine.

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