Many city-dwellers and single folks make their homes in the smallest apartments, known as studio apartments.

A studio apartment is an apartment that only has one main room that’s used as the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom. Even if someone doesn’t need the extra space, living in a studio apartment can be challenging. It’s not difficult for a studio apartment to feel cramped, uncomfortable, and unpleasant.

However, there are a few ways that you can make the most out of your small space, making it feel a lot more comfortable and homey.

Furniture Placement

The most important thing you can do to get the most out of your studio apartment is to place the furniture strategically.

For starters, you will want to create a layout that has separate areas for each of your living activities such as working, sleeping, relaxing, and eating. Therefore, you should create a living room, bedroom, an office space and a dining area. You can create these little “rooms” by using curtains or other partitions, separate area rugs, and lighting to create divided zones. Having dedicated space for each activity not only makes your studio apartment feel homier, but also helps make it feel larger.

Once that is done, make sure you can easily pass through each area without tripping or having to squeeze through, because over time tight spaces will become a nuisance for you and your guests.


In a studio apartment there is no where to hide your dirty laundry, which is why you have to keep everything organized.

It’s best to make sure every single item in your home has a place where it belongs. Right after you’re done using it, put it back in its place to save your studio apartment from clutter and chaos. You can use shelving, dual furniture, or cabinets to hide your belongings.

Make your storage nice looking by putting it in colorful baskets and boxes, or at the very least, neatly piled on shelves rather than hastily shoved away.

Wall Storage

Since floor space will most likely be limited, you can use the walls for storageand displays.

You can use floating shelves around the ceiling to store books, movies, mementos, and more. If you are unable to put nails or screws into the wall, tall shelves allow you to store a variety of things vertically rather than on the floor.

The best way to take advantage of your wall space is by adding shelving to the length of the room. Put them up high for things you don’t use often so that you can add a clothing stand underneath or a dresser to take advantage of that extra space.

Hooks and rods are also a great option for using wall space, especially in the kitchen for storing mugs, pans, or cooking utensils, and in the bathroom for hanging towels.

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