Every appliance has a lifespan and while you’ve probably replaced a refrigerator or dryer by simply unplugging the old and plugging in the new, the same can’t be said for the microwave perched above your stove. Since it typically comes with the house, when it’s time to replace a broken or outdated microwave, you’ll need to understand how to go about it. Here’s your step-by-step guide to replacing your over-the-range microwave.

Step 1 – Prep

Before getting started, you may want to move the oven below the microwave out of your way to give you adequate space to work. If this is the case, you will need to pull the oven out, unplug it, and detach it from the gas line if appropriate. Once out of the way, this will allow you to place a step ladder in the work area.

Next, unplug your microwave and evaluate how it is mounted. Most commonly, you will find screws inside the cupboard above the microwave. Unscrew the mounting screws while supporting the microwave. Often, the microwave has secondary support via a wall-mount to hold it in place without the screws. Ask for assistance while unscrewing and lifting the microwave out of place. If it does not slide directly out, try rotating it forward or lowering the front slightly. Once the microwave it out, remove any additional hardware. Your new microwave should come with its own mounting plate so you can remove and discard your old one.

Step 2 – Install a Mounting Bracket

Unpack your new microwave, ensuring you have all the parts. Locate the studs inside your wall and mark them. This is so that at least one of the screws that holds your mounting bracket in place will go into a stud for security. If your microwave came with a template, tape it to the wall and drill through the template where the holes for the mounting bracket should go. If it did not come with a template, hold your mounting bracket against the wall, level it, and mark the hole locations.


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