If your kids are in need of a good playroom, your home’s attic might offer the perfect solution for a home makeover. You can turn your attic into an amazing playroom for your kids without breaking your budget or embarking on a major construction project. If you are thinking about adding a playroom to your home, here is everything you need to know about turning your attic into a playroom getaway.

Step 1 – Create a Grand Entrance

When it comes to attic playrooms, the first thing you should think about is how your children will get in and out of the playroom safely. Most attics use ladders for access, but these are not practical for children. You can replace these ladders with a spiral staircase, but only if you have enough room. Another option is to build a new access point from inside a bedroom, where you can construct a safe staircase for daily use. Better yet, you can hide this entryway and create a secret passageway for your kids to enjoy for years to come.

Step 2 – Add Floors and Lighting

Depending on the condition of your attic, you may need to provide additional lighting and floors. Before you install floors, make sure the attic is strong enough to take the weight of the material. You should have a professional come by and inspect the attic to make sure everything is up to code.

If there is no insulation, now is the time to add insulation as well. Natural light is an easy and inexpensive way to add additional light sources, though you may need to install a few lights depending on the space. When it comes to the floors, adding a few area rugs will help keep the attic warm during the cold winter months. During the summer, you can always install a window air conditioner if you have room.

Step 3 – Decorate

After the entryway, floors, and lighting have been addressed, you can turn your attention to the most important part of a playroom: the decorations. Incorporating a popular theme and bright colors can really create a welcoming environment for your kids. When picking out paint colors, choose lighter hues as they can also make the space appear brighter.

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