Make pretty winter luminaries that appear to be covered with freshly fallen snow using snow texture paint! Oh so gorgeous and perfect for the holidays, they are very easy to make. They will look great all lit up on your holiday table, on the mantle or even lining the walk to your door. I’ll show you how to make some luminaries just like this!


If you aren’t like me and you don’t wander around your yard in the spring picking up pinecones, you can always buy pinecones at the craft store. Yes, it’s spring when pinecones fall from trees, even though we commonly associate them with autumn.

Pinecones fall in spring to release seeds for new trees, just like any other tree releases seedlings. So don’t want until fall to go pinecone hunting or you may only find ones that have been obliterated by the elements and the occasional lawn mower. I was trying to think of alternatives to pinecones and I was thinking that dried orange slices would be really pretty too!

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