This time of year is my absolute favorite, and do you know why? Weddings! I love going to weddings, and I love planning them even more. We have done so many DIY weddings in my family over the years that I just couldn’t possibly imagine doing it any other way. We do everything for family weddings from catering to making our own flowers, which is what brings me to this post. I have a list of 12 DIY wedding bouquets that you can make for your own wedding. These DIY bridal bouquets are as unique as the bride that carries them and they are all super easy…not to mention cheap…to make.

Traditional bouquets are great and all, with their carnations and roses and baby’s breath, but these DIY bridal bouquets go beyond traditional. They are so unique and made with everything you can imagine. Have you ever thought of making a wedding bouquet with crocheted flowers? How about book page flowers?

I’m telling you, these DIY wedding bouquets are unique and you are going to love each and every one of them. If you are planning a DIY wedding, you definitely want to check these out.

If you really want something different for your wedding, these DIY bouquets are perfect. There are bouquets in here that are going to match your wedding, no matter what your specific theme or design is.

These are all so super simple to make and are breathtaking when they are finished. if you are going for unique at your upcoming wedding, these DIY bouquets are definitely going to fit the bill.

1. Simple Rustic Baby’s Breath Bouquet

If you are planning a rustic farmhouse style wedding, this baby’s breath bridal bouquet would be perfect. You don’t even have to include any other flowers unless you just really want to. Baby’s breaths are gorgeous all on their own…and they really don’t get enough credit for their beauty. This is the simplest bouquet you could put together. I found one on Etsy for just $21 and you have your choice of stem wrap colors.

2. DIY Book Page Flower Bouquet

If you want something really unique and really romantic, you have to check out this book page bridal bouquet. DIY book page roses are super simple to make and they have such a beautiful look about them. If you are planning a rustic wedding, book page rose bouquets are an excellent choice. You can leave them as they are – older books make more rustic looking roses – or paint your pages before you make your flowers.

3. Gorgeous DIY Butterfly Bouquet

You don’t really even have to carry flowers in your bridal bouquet. Take a look at this beautiful DIY butterfly bouquet. If you want something a bit unique and stunning, this is a good one to choose. It’s really easy to make from butterfly décor. You just look for butterflies that can be used as picks for bouquets but in this case, they will become the entire bouquet. You could even add a few to a traditional flower bouquet if you just want a little bit of unique.

4. DIY Vintage Inspired Buttons And Beads Bouquet

Doesn’t this lovely bouquet make you think of the 1920’s? It is definitely inspired by vintage fashion and it is an absolutely beautiful bridal bouquet to carry on your special day. You can make this with any collection of beads and buttons and if you tend to craft a lot, and have quite a few on hand, this one is really cheap to make. You could also add craft feathers and other embellishments to really make it stand out.

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