DIY unicorn crafts have really become all the rage lately. And why not? There are so many magical things that you can make in a unicorn theme.

From decoration for your DIY unicorn party to fun everyday unicorn crafts for kids, I have a list of 45 magical DIY unicorn crafts that you can make today, and these are great for all ages.

I love kid crafts, and there are some great ideas in here for crafts for your birthday parties or just something for the kids to do when it’s too cold to get outside. Everyone loves unicorns, right?

These are honestly some of my favorite DIYs. If you are looking for a fun unicorn craft, I have just the list of projects for you. And, there are some great DIY stuffed toys in here that your kids are going to love.

If you are decorating a little girl’s bedroom in a unicorn theme, you are going to find some wonderful projects to complete. There are crochet patterns and even a cute DIY unicorn that you can make from an empty toilet paper roll.

Whatever your reason for wanting unicorn crafts, I am certain that you will find the perfect one in here. And, if you are planning to make your own DIY Halloween costumes this year, there is a great unicorn costume for your little one.

There are just so many fun crafts and projects in here – I’m sure you will love them all.

DIY Unicorn Plushie iPhone Charger

If your little one, or you, has an iPhone or an iPad and also loves unicorns, then this DIY unicorn phone charger is the perfect project. This one doubles as a doll so if you don’t want to charge your phone with it, then you can just make it for its adorableness.

You need a sock and some filling and a few other supplies to make this one. It’s pretty easy and it is so adorable when you get it finished.

Balloon Animal DIY Unicorn

This DIY stuffed unicorn is not actually a balloon animal, but it sure looks like it is. You can do this with fabric, and it turns out so adorable. There is quite a bit of sewing involved, since you are basically turning knit fabric into something that resembles balloons.

Your kids are going to love this one. It is so much fun to make and to show off. If your little ones love balloon animals but you want something a bit more permanent, this is it.

DIY Unicorn Bedroom Decor

Dreamcatchers are wonderful. Not only are they decorative, but they provide a wonderful night’s sleep according to their legend. I love these DIY unicorn dreamcatchers. This is a really simple project, and it is a great one for kids to help you with.

You could even do these for the craft portion of a birthday party and let the little ones take their unicorn dreamcatchers home with them when they’re finished.

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