Do you remember the old song “Paper Roses?” Since I was a little girl I have been sort of obsessed with paper roses and recently I came across these gorgeous roses that you can make from old book pages. These are so lovely and can be used in so many ways to create so many gorgeous things. If you want an easy craft, this is it. It’s also a really cheap one because you can make these roses from those old books that you would otherwise throw out, or head off to your local thrift store and just buy some old books.

The appeal of book paper roses is that they have this gorgeous old world look to them. The roses themselves are pretty enough but when you add the wording from your old books, they are simply unlike anything you have ever seen before. I am a huge lover of books and have so many on my bookcases, so these really appeal to me. Anytime a book is involved, I’m hooked. And, I should mention that if you have tons of books and you don’t have anywhere to keep them, I have a great list of 20 DIY bookshelves that you can build in no time.

Honestly, these DIY book page roses are gorgeous and you can use them in any number of crafts. Are you making a new picture frame for your favorite family photo? Add a DIY book page rose or two to really make it beautiful. You can use these to decorate wreaths, gift bags and just about anything else you can imagine. And, you make them from upcycled old books so you aren’t spending anything on craft supplies. If you truly love repurposed craft projects, this one is for you. And be sure to take a look at these 20 ways to recycle old board games, too.

1. Curled Petal Book Paper Roses

These roses are made by curling each individual petal, which seems time consuming but once you really get the hang of it, you will be making a rose in just a matter of minutes. You do have to cut out the petals individually and then roll them to give them the look of a true rose. These are pretty simple once you get started and you can turn out an entire bouquet in just a couple of hours.

2. Easy Rolled Book Page Roses

To make these vintage book page roses, you just need the book pages, scissors and a hot glue gun. These are absolutely gorgeous and can be used to decorate so many different things. I love how easy they are to make and they are perfect for creating your own DIY gift bags. Plus, you can add scrapbook paper or painted book pages to create the leaves, which gives them a completely different look. You could even add these to your DIY tote bags to give them extra design.

3. Cut And Stack DIY Paper Roses

For these lovely DIY book page roses, you don’t so much roll the pages as you just cut out the sizes that you need and then stack them up to make them resemble a rose. This one is also really easy, even if it is a bit more complex than some of the others. You need glue to stick the pages together and otherwise, this one just takes a couple of old books and some scissors.

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