We needed a place to store a bunch of blankets and extra pillows in the family room. I looked into getting one of those big trunks that kids take to college but a good one would cost like $200. So as usual, it was time to DIY something for much cheaper. This is how I made a DIY Wood Storage Crate.

Why I needed a DIY Wood Storage Crate

You see, my daughter has a lot of sleepovers and it would definitely be easier easy to keep the blankets and pillows somewhere that they can easily get them. They don’t go to sleep until long after my wife and I have. And of course my daughter doesn’t plan ahead and get the sleeping stuff ready in advance. So this meant that she’d wake us up at like 2:00 am saying that she needs and extra blanket.

That wasn’t fun so I needed a more self serve way of storing these extra sleeping stuff. And if it was in the family and it looked good, then those are big pluses.

The Inspiration

I saw the Make Something video he made a DIY wood storage crate from a single 2×6 and that was great. A DIY wood storage create was exactly what I needed. It could go behind the sofa, it would look nice and it could be DIY’ed for cheap.

I decided to make my box a little bigger than in the Make Something video to fit the space that I had. It also needed to be bigger to store queen sized comforters and pillows. Those things are big even when neatly folded (although my daughter has yet to fold anything). So I went with a instead of using a single 2×6 like in the video I used a 2×10 and I used one and half of them.

Read more: https://goodstuffathome.com/diy-wood-storage-crate.html