If you need to make a floral centerpiece for an Easter party, this easy video tutorial to create rustic decor with tulips will be perfect. This arrangement also can look beautiful anywhere else in your house during springtime or any other time of the year.

While there are only a handful of materials and tools required for this project, some of them require some discussion to help you choose the most suitable supplies.

You are going to need a small box. In the materials list, I mentioned that a Kleenex box will suffice. I used a small packing box, but the Kleenex box gives you about the right size reference.

I do recommend that whatever box you use to be relatively plain. This will contribute to the homespun look, and will not take away from the decoration you are doing.

I also mentioned a lace ribbon. Any type of ribbon which has a rustic appearance will work. You also could substitute burlap.

Inside the box, you will be placing some faux tulips and sprigs. You can substitute different flowers if you prefer, but you will need flowers which have long stems.

Finally, you were going to need some small sticks or branches which you will be attaching to the outside of the box. These branches or sticks should be as straight as possible, cut into small segments.

Ideally, the segments should be the same length as the sides of the box. You could get away with smaller segments if you prefer. But they will need to add up to the right length so that you obtain full coverage.

Once you have gathered these materials, you will be ready to get started.


Small box (i.e. a Kleenex box, preferably without pictures or patterns)
Faux tulips and sprigs
Lace ribbon
Sticks or branches cut into small pieces


Hot glue and glue gun

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