During the festive season, I love to bring as much atmospheric light into my home as possible. I don’t just put Christmas lights up on the tree and outside; sometimes I run them through my garlands too.

I also love to light candles to make for an even warmer holiday ambiance. And that means making DIY handcrafted lanterns!

Maybe you have seen those ornate-looking paper lanterns online with three-dimensional patterns on them, often of flowers. I was wanted to know how to make those, but I assumed that it would be challenging because they look so elaborate.

It turned out that I was wrong. There are actually surprisingly easy to make, and it is even easy to show and explain how to make them. So I have put together a video tutorial to teach you how to create your own.

You only need a handful of materials and tools for this project. You are going to need a jar, a candle or LED light to put inside, and a white sheet of regular printer paper which you can wrap around the entirety of the jar.

I used a clear jar, but you could also use one in a different color if you wanted. You would just get a different lighting effect.

Finally, you will need a precision knife or scalpel for this project. An ordinary knife is not going to cut it (pun intended). Scissors would also be incredibly inconvenient, and would probably result in bending the paper or crumpling it in places, which would spoil the effect.

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