This macrame sea glass necklace lets you wear your beach discoveries this summer. There are so many great ideas using sea glass, like this Seaglass Planter, and reusing what the waves recycled makes it feel all that more special. All you need is a beautiful piece of sea glass and some cording to make your own jewelry for this project.


If you can tie a knot, you can make this macrame sea glass necklace. With the (over)use of plastic, it’s harder and harder to find sea glass in shades of blues, greens, and browns on the beach.

But you can purchase sea glass from the craft store or online, or use painted rocks instead. This sea glass necklace would make a great craft for kids to do at a beach-themed party (after serving up some beach-themed cupcakes).


  • sea glass pieces (between one-inch and three-inches in both width and diameter)
  • 15 feet of cording (natural-color hemp cording and black nylon cording used here) per necklace*

*For smaller sea glass pieces, use thinner cording. Any comparable cording will work. (You may use embroidery thread, but I found it too light to knot as accurately as cording.)

Cut six pieces of cording, each of them 30 inches in length. If you are using a painted river rock instead of sea glass, I suggest using eight pieces of cording. Because sea glass is jagged, it’s easier to secure between fewer pieces of cording.

Join all six pieces in a knot at one end of the cording, leaving an inch or two of fringe. This will be the bottom of your necklace.

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