I love working outdoors when the weather warms up and creating a decorative place for my spring and summer entertaining. One thing that I plan to do this year is to find a more decorative way to hide my gardening tools, and that includes my garden hose.

You can buy any number of garden hose hangers from home improvement stores but there is just so much more enjoyment in creating your own DIY garden hose storage, don’t you think. So, I started looking for creative ways to store my garden hose and I found 7 wonderful ideas.

I don’t really like just hanging my garden hose. I prefer to store it out of sight, and many of these DIY garden hose storage ideas do that. You can make such decorative ways to store your garden hose and many of these will beautifully match up with your existing décor.

From a galvanized bucket, which is perfect for that farmhouse appeal to a wooden bench that stores that garden hose completely out of sight, you are going to love these DIY garden hose storage projects.

And while you are working on storing your garden tools, be sure to take a look at these 25 rustic repurposing ideas for old garden tools, too.

Whether you want to repurpose something to store that garden hose or you prefer to build your hose hanger from scratch, you are definitely going to find an idea in here.

I love organizing things and these garden hose storage ideas will help you to organize that garden hose – and one of them even has organization for all of your garden tools.

If you really want to get your outdoors cleaned up this summer and you need an idea for storing your garden hose, I have the perfect DIY project for you. And you should also check out these 18 decorative garden benches that you can DIY. There are a few of these that also offer storage.

Rustic Galvanized Wash Tub Hose Storage

If you have an old galvanized washtub, even if it’s rusty, you can create a nice rustic looking storage area for your garden hose. Just put the tub under the outside spigot and then coil your hose up inside.

Simple DIY Hose Storage Bench

If you want to hide your garden hose away from sight, this DIY garden bench is the perfect way to do that. This is a really simple wooden bench to make and it costs less than $200 if you have to buy all of the materials.

Plus, you get a great storage area for your garden hose as well as some additional seating on your deck or patio.

Repurposed Pallet Garden Storage System

An old pallet, some paint and just a few other hardware materials are all you need to create the perfect garden hose storage. In fact, this pallet storage system helps you to store and organize all of your garden tools.

Easy DIY Garden Hose Hanger

This DIY garden hose hanger is as gorgeous as it is easy to make. You can have this one finished in just an afternoon, and that includes cementing your post into the ground.

The decorative metal that holds the hose is gorgeous and you can put this in the ground right beside the spigot so your hose is always right there where you need it. This is a great reclaimed wood project, too if you happen to have a few wooden posts on hand.

DIY Garden Hose Storage Tub

This DIY garden hose tub not only keeps your garden hose put away out of sight, it has a hole in the bottom so that the hose comes through for ease of use. You don’t even have to take the entire hose out of the tub if you just need it to come out a little bit.

This is a pretty easy galvanized tub to make and it has such a great rustic appeal to it, don’t you think?

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