There is nothing that I love more than to take something that seems useless and turn it into something that is beautiful and functional. That is definitely the case with this DIY wooden vase hanger, and I am so excited to share this tutorial with you.

What You Need To Make This DIY Vase Hanger

The really great part about this craft is that you get to use repurposed items. For this one, I used an old dresser drawer for the wooden base.

You can build the base from scratch if you don’t have an old drawer to use, and that’s a really easy process, too. But, it’s the perfect way to put an old drawer to good use.

Where To Hang Your DIY Wooden Vase Hanger

I have my DIY wooden vase hanger on the front porch, but you could hang this just about anywhere, or stand it up against a wall. This would be beautiful in a kitchen window, and it has that great rustic look if you want to add some farmhouse charm to the room.

You could do a few of these and use them for wedding decorations, too, or just give them out as gifts. Who wouldn’t love their own rustic wooden vase hanger?

How To Make A Wooden Vase Hanger

You are going to love how easy it is to turn an old dresser drawer and a few glass jars into this beautiful hanging vase decoration. Use this to add some farmhouse charm to any room or give it as a gift for any special occasion.

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