I love finding projects that add elegant beauty to my home. I recently ran across this gorgeous book page angel wings decoration and I knew that I would have to try it for myself.

What You Need For This DIY Book Page Angel Wings Decor

Basically, if you have an old book then you have most of what you need to make this DIY angel wings decor. There are a few additional supplies needed, but the book pages are the biggest thing.

I used an old book that I picked up at a yard sale recently – I am always buying things like that and saving them away for crafts later.

You can use any book that you have on hand or if you don’t have one to use, check out your local thrift store. My local Goodwill sells books for under a dollar each.

What You Can Do With This DIY Book Page Angel Wings

I thought about hanging my book page angel wings decoration on the front door, instead of a wreath. There are so many other ways that you can display this, though.

Keep in mind that you are working with book pages, so outdoors off of the porch is probably not a good idea. Also, don’t you think that this would make a wonderful gift for an upcoming wedding?

How Difficult Is This Book Page Decoration To Make?

This is actually one of the easier book page crafts that I have done. It really doesn’t take long. Before you begin, I do suggest that you go ahead and remove all of the pages from your book that you will be using.

This can save you a lot of time when you actually get started on the decoration by having all of your pages ready to use.

What Else Can You Make With Old Books?

Oh my goodness, ya’ll, I have shown you so many wonderful crafts that you can make from book pages or whole books if you prefer. I recently shared a tutorial with you that shows you how to create this heart-shaped book art.

I have also shown you how to turn a book into a Christmas angel, how to make a bouquet from an old book, and how to make a gorgeous DIY book page flower decoration, among others.

Now you see why I buy up all sorts of old books when I find them in yard sales.

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