To make a garden– a beautiful garden! You must choose garden color schemes smartly. Color scheme is a combination of colors you use in your garden.

Remember these four simple rules given in this article and choose a perfect color scheme for your garden.

1. Size

What is the type of your garden? What is the size of your garden? Jot down its details, it matters because there is a rule to follow: Always remember, if your garden is small only use three shades of color or four. If your garden is big you can use up to five shades of color, but never overdo it, otherwise your garden will look busy.

2. Mood

Use warm and cool colors smartly. Warm colors are red, orange, yellow, purple, they represent energy and life; whereas cool colors are white, pink, blue, green, grey; they represent calmness and peace. Use them according to the mood you want to create in your garden.

3. Ambiance

Vibrant, calm or Neutral, what has to be the ambiance of your garden? If you want it to be vibrant— use shades of warm colors. If you want it to be calm— use cool colors. Although the best option is to go for neutral, using both warm and cool tones equally, to get the best result.

4. Background

Consider not only the colors painted on your walls, but the ground or floor and the climate of your place, also the season and your neighborhood. Use dark colors in bright spots, bright colors in dark and shady spots to highlight them.

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