The day after school lets out for the summer, my kids are bored. They always have been and I would bet that this won’t change as they get older. So, I spend a lot of time those last few weeks of school looking for fun DIY crafts and projects to keep them busy during the summer, which is how I found the idea for this adorable DIY upcycled soda bottle floating turtle.

Is This Upcycled Bottle Craft Educational?

In a word…yes. The girls over at Deceptively Educational made this and it can be very educational. You can use the craft not only to teach your little ones about recycling, but about turtles and their natural habitat, as well.

What You Need To Make This Upcycled Bottle Turtle

I used an empty 2-liter bottle to make my DIY floating turtle, and it worked out perfectly. The bottom of the bottle is the perfect shape and size for a floating turtle.

Aside from the bottle, you do need a few basic craft supplies, but if you’re like me, you already have those craft supplies on hand…I even added to my stash when I knew the kids would be out for summer soon.

Can Kids Make This Upcycled Bottle Turtle?

Yes! Kids can absolutely make this. For younger children, I do recommend that you do the cutting yourself. You will need to remove the bottom from your soda bottle, and for toddlers and preschoolers, this is something that requires a lot of supervision.

Once you have the supplies ready though, kids can definitely do most of the work for putting this craft together.

What Ages Can Make This DIY Floating Turtle?

As I said, if you have toddlers or preschoolers, you need to supervise them pretty close with the cutting on this craft. Other than that, kids can almost do this one completely on their own if they want.

It’s perfect for kids from preschool to teenagers, and it’s a really quick and simple craft. Plus, it’s so much fun for kids to see their turtle float when they get him finished.

How To Make A Floating Turtle From An Upcycled Soda Bottle

If you need something to keep the kids busy this summer, this DIY floating turtle that you can make from an empty soda bottle is just perfect.

Not only will they have a blast making this turtle, they’ll have hours of fun playing with him over the summer months!

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