On Halloween, all heroes do wear capes! It’s just more fun that way. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best DIY superhero Halloween costumes so you can make or buy a cape of your very own—and rock it on October 31. Save the day (and the night!) with our all-time favorite ideas for both male and female superhero costumes, plus a few scheming villain looks for good measure. If you happen to have pushed your costume decisions all the way to the last minute, there’s no need to worry: You can still make some superhero magic happen. The truth is, all you really need to make many of these get-ups is a cheap Halloween mask or a cape made from a few swatches of old fabric. Meanwhile, plain old tape and foam can transform a regular, everyday outfit into a Captain America outfit—just in the nick of time. And if you’re cutting it even closer to the time of your annual Halloween party and don’t have time to scout out an awesome sidekick, we’ve got ideas for that too: Coax your family pup into wearing a matching outfit for the most loyal co-hero around! From Wonder Woman to Superman, kids and adults alike will ooh and aah over these fabulous costumes.

Super Mom Cape

Why dress up as a superhero when you already are one? Any mom would be to proud to don this come Halloween night…and beyond.

Super Dad Cape

Don’t let Mom have all the fun! We love the look of this Super Dad cape too, and the best part is, it’s a full, complete costume all on its own.

Superhero Capes for Kids

With four capes and eight masks, your kids will have so much fun mixing and matching these looks. The whole collection is also under $25—a veritable steal!

Superhero Mask Pattern

Got paper and a bit of glue? You’re ready to try your hand at crafting this nifty superhero mask. 

Superhero Mask Craft Kits

Not only is this a fun Halloween costume idea, but it doubles as a great weekend project for your kids. The kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 masks, so we suggest you invite the whole neighborhood for a lively crafter-noon they won’t soon forget.

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