Craft sticks can be turned into just about anything. The cute characters found in a barnyard are a great example! Cows, horses, pigs, chickens and more, all in craft stick form! I’ve always loved craft sticks as a surface. They are inexpensive and have so many possibilities.

Looking for a teen craft? Try these fun popsicle stick bracelets are great for girl scout groups, camp, or for them to do with friends!


You can make animals out of them, as you can see here, but their boundaries are almost limitless. Snowmen, superheroes, jewelry boxes, scarecrows, mummies, monsters, puppets, the list goes on and on!

Farm animals are fun because your child can choose whatever color they want. Who says a chicken has to be white? Why not purple or pink? Horses can have long manes, short manes, spots or no spots. Cats can be solid in color, have stripes or splotches, or why not polka dots?

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