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Creative Ways to Save Water in Your Home & Yard

From giving up plastic straws to remembering our reusable shopping bags when we head to the store, it’s more important now than ever that we all do our part...

How to Make a Sand Volleyball Court in Your Yard

You can capture, in the comfort of your back yard, the fun of a sand volleyball court. All you need is an average-size courtyard, free of low hanging wires or tree...

How to Double the Plants in Your Yard for Free

If you enjoy working in your yard, you may already have a plan for how to fill it with colorful and enduring plants. But putting that plan into action might cost...

7 Ways to Get a Low-Water Yard

Creating a low-water yard saves you not just on water, but also on time and worry. Implement various strategies to turn your yard into a drought-resistant, beautiful oasis that requires little...

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